What exactly does hiring a Doula mean? Below are a few options: 

*Currently offering only virtual support 

Free Consultation 

This is our opportunity to meet. Ask each other questions. You are under no obligation to hire me after this meeting. 

Virtual Support 

Ask the Doula - $22

Do you have specific questions you need answers to*? Do you want to test out virtual support? This may be the package for you:

45 minutes to 1 hour virtual video call

*Please email questions upon booking

Labour & Birth - $400 

Support during pregnancy and birth is still as important as ever! This package offers similar to in person services allowing you to feel educated, supported and prepared. 

2 - 4 virtual video calls during pregnancy 

Unlimited text message support 

Develop written birth plan/ preferences

24/7 on-call support 2 weeks around estimated due date

Constant contact available during labour and birth 

Postpartum plan/ support 

Feeding education 

2 Postpartum follow-up video calls 


Postpartum Packages 

There are 3 virtual postpartum packages available aside from the individual hourly support. 

The First 2 Weeks Package - $110

5 virtual video calls over the first 2 weeks: 45 min - 1 hour sessions

The First 2 Months Package - $198

9 virtual video calls over the first 8 weeks: 45 min - 1 hour sessions

The Fourth Trimester Package - $286

13 virtual video calls over the first 12 weeks: 45 min - 1 hour sessions


Childbirth Education Classes

Coming Soon!

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks

Doula's are non-medical. You still need your health care provider.

Make decisions for you 

I will not make any decisions for you! I can give you evidence based information so you can make an informed decision. 

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

This is your baby, your decisions. I am unbiased in this experience. 

* Payment plans available