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"A WhoHUH?"

"A what?"

That is the reaction I get about 85% of the time when I tell someone I'm certifying to be a Doula. Welcome to New Brunswick. Where birth education and all that surrounds pregnancy is still in many ways a taboo subject.

I have been working along side of birthing person's for over 5 years but have always had an interest in pregnancy and babies. I began working in the Church Nursery as soon as I was old enough and as I got older, babies, adoption, pregnancy was where my interests led.

Over the past 5 years my eyes have been drastically opened to the limited education we as New Brunswickers receive when it comes to pregnancy, birth and all that it entails. I know I have said many times "why don't we learn this?"

So that led me here, researching how to bring more education to Sussex. One thing led to another and now I am a certifying Doula with Doula Training Canada. My main goal, to educate! I would love to one day be able to walk into the high school and down the halls I once walked. Into a classroom and educate the students. Education that my friends and I weren't given. I have a passion for working along side of young mothers no matter the situation or circumstance and supporting them, educating them and being the friend they need during this time.

My passion has more recently led to many trips to friends houses to talk about their birth experiences, which also includes baby cuddles!

Just a few days old

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